Rock Creek WHISKEY


Our whiskeys’ namesake, Rock Creek Park, is one of the best-loved treasures of DC – one of the first federally managed parks, it’s a place that everyone who lives here values and enjoys. Rock Creek Park connects the city to nature and reminds of what was here before there was a Washington, DC.
Before it was designated a National Park, Rock Creek was populated by farms and several mills along the creek, including the historic Peirce Mill, dating back to the 18th century. These mills ground locally grown crops, including corn, wheat and rye. Rock Creek Whiskeys pay tribute to this piece of the city’s history and mix innovation with tradition to create whiskeys that are becoming a new, enduring piece of the capital’s history.

750ml / 47% alc. by vol

The first grain to glass rye whiskey distilled, aged, and bottled in the District since Prohibition. Distilled in small batches in a copper pot still and matured in the highest quality new American oak barrels, Rock Creek Rye is bottled at 94 proof, making it ideal for enjoying neat or in a favorite cocktail. With none of the grassy notes of a young rye, this is a full-bodied whiskey with the spicy characteristics of rye balanced with a little sweetness and rich malted flavors.




















750ml / 49.5% alc. by vol

An unaged whiskey made from 100% locally grown rye and malted rye, Rock Creek White Whiskey is our unique take on a flavorful, Pennsylvania style whiskey that bursts with bold, peppery notes. Bottled at 99 proof and comprised of organically-grown rye and Virginia-grown malted rye, this whiskey has the chops to shine through in any cocktail and is a must-have for the serious home bartender.


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