District Made Vodka


750ml / 40% alc. by vol

We feel that the clean, spicy finish of distilled rye makes for the finest and most interesting straight drinking vodka. Rye is a traditional crop of the mid-Atlantic as well as the most commonly used grain in the ancient origins of vodka in Eastern Europe. Our rye is sourced from Culpeper, Virginia, malted rye from North Carolina, and corn from the eastern shore of Maryland. We use Russian filtering technology for an even smoother finish but make no mistake, this is a vodka with character: Unmistakable hints of vanilla on the nose with a luscious, creamy mouth feel. District Made Vodka is a rare, flavorful vodka that can be savored neat, with a mildly spicy flavor that gives way to sweet, smooth finish that is soft on the palate.

The only vodka made from scratch - grain to glass - in the District of Columbia!


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