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Here’s to not taking shortcuts and to standing up for what you believe, no matter how hard, or how long it takes. District Made spirits are crafted with the highest quality local ingredients for people who make sacrifices but never sacrifice their values.


A portfolio of small-batch whiskeys, gins and experimental spirits featuring unique collaborations, rare cask finishes, and carefully curated blends for the adventurous drinker.


The Distillery

Ivy City and the New York Avenue corridor is one of the few remaining industrial areas in DC. Less than a mile from Union Market, Gallaudet University, and the Hecht Warehouse Development, we are proud to be part of a movement bringing new business and vitality to Northeast DC as well as bringing craft spirits to the DC metro area. 

From our 23 foot tall custom built continuous column from Italy to our 5 liter alembic recipe still from Portugal, we are constantly working on grain to glass District Made spirits, Untitled Spirits and small batch experimental projects.

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