One Eight Distilling is named for Article One Section Eight of the Constitution, which among other things provided for the establishment of a district to serve as the nation’s capital. Our passion to build a distillery came from a desire to produce the finest spirits from grain to glass all within Washington, DC. We seek to continually make connections between people and our spirits, to use locally sourced ingredients, and to pay our respects to the time-honored traditions of distilling while bringing innovation and love to every bottle we fill.



Sandy worked for more than a dozen years as an attorney in the District before finding his true calling when he learned about the emerging craft distilling industry. Sandy has an abiding love of great whiskeys and good cocktails and a deep respect for the value of creating a company that contributes to the community. Sandy lives in DC with his wife Danielle and his three children, Ella, Zoe and Auden. 

John Carrabus

John carrabus, DIRECtor of sales - ne

John came to the DC area in 2011 and quickly immersed himself in the District's restaurant and bar scene. After spending time as a server, bartender, and bar manager, he moved into sales and marketing for a imported beer company but always retained his deep appreciation for well-made spirits, great food, and innovative cocktails. John is thrilled to be spreading the good word about One Eight's beautiful locally crafted spirits throughout the region.

Cara Webster, marketing & events coordinator

Cara moved to DC for a contractor position intending to stay for 6 months; 5 years later she has worked in public relations and special events all over the District, most recently hailing from the luxury retail industry. With an inherent curiosity about food and beverage and an enthusiasm for all things local, she is thrilled to create events that educate the community on the extraordinary spirits made right here in our nation’s capital. 


Alex worked in biotechnology for seventeen years, moving from San Francisco to New York to the DC area. A lifelong passion for good food led him to create Eatological, a catering company focusing on local ingredients. Alex’s background in production research, lab management and cooking were the genesis of his interest in distilling. Alex lives in Silver Spring with his wife Jen and his two sons, Jonas and Abe. 



Stephen came to One Eight Distilling after several years spent in organic farming, viticulture and winemaking throughout the Northeast US and Europe.  He has a passion for creating remarkable food and drink starting with high quality, simple ingredients, especially those with a great story.  He’s excited to have a hand in turning the products of our region’s rich agricultural tradition into a collection of world-class spirits.


Colt moved to DC in 2016 after working as a bartender and bar manager in Columbus, Ohio. While in Columbus, he studied biological archaeology but always retained a fondness for exceptional spirits, great food, and the creativity that ties them together. He moved to DC to be with his fiancé Ryan and to immerse himself in the industry leading food and beverage scene; after a stint at Jack Rose Dining Saloon, is thrilled to join One Eight. 



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