750 ML | 40% ABV



District Made Vodka is the antidote to your boring, flavorless vodka. Distilled from a rye-heavy mash bill and carefully crafted in our column and pot stills, this vodka is full of character with a subtle spicy flavor and a rounded, velvety texture. Our choice of rye not only creates a superior spirit, but it also celebrates a grain that has long been the cornerstone of agricultural traditions of the Mid-Atlantic, as well as the origins of vodka in Eastern Europe. We are continuing this legacy by sourcing rye exclusively from Culpepper, Virginia, not far from the farms of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.


District Made Vodka has an incredibly rich and full consistency that is remarkably smooth with none of the burn of lesser vodkas. The flavor is pleasantly sweet with hints of vanilla, citrus and jasmine.

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Ivy city Gin


750 ML | 40% ABV



Located in the Northeast quadrant of DC, the neighborhood of Ivy City is more than just our home, it is our inspiration.  When coming up with the recipe for our gin, we wanted to give a nod to the independent, entrepreneurial streak that has existed here since its early days as a hub of railroad activity and still continues to the vibrant businesses of today.  In this vein, Ivy City Gin bucks conventional run-of-the-mill flavors to produce a spirit that is complex, diverse, and just a little bit irreverent.  Made in the American Dry style, this gin has a more subtle essence of juniper, compared to a London Dry gin, and weaves together a balanced tapestry of nine other botanicals to craft a gin that is smooth and delicate and will have you reaching for it again and again.


The rye base of District Made Ivy City Gin provides it with a warm, full-bodied character.  Juniper is present as a hint of cedar throughout while American Spicebush and Grains of Paradise provide a spiciness that delights the tongue.

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Barrel Rested Gin


750 ML | 51% ABV


Despite coming from the same parents with similar ingredients, our Barrel Rested Gin is bold and assertive with a high enough proof to be considered the wild child of the family. Spending several months in a combination of ex-bourbon and charred, new American oak barrels, this gin emerges golden in color and full of the sweeter notes typically associated with whiskey.  Created to shine through even the most robust cocktail ingredients, this will become your go-to gin for a Negroni or to add another layer of flavor to your standard whiskey cocktail.


Barrel Rested Ivy City Gin is alive with flavors of juniper and a refreshing sweetness with the inclusion of orange peel with our other botanicals.  Balanced oak and vanilla notes are present as well to help sway the most dyed-in-the-wool whiskey drinker to explore the diverse world of gins.


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750 ML | 47% ABV

District Made Straight Rye Whiskey

Rye holds a prominent place in the agricultural history of the Mid-Atlantic region and was even a significant crop for George Washington at Mount Vernon. Washington was smart enough to distill most of his estate grown rye and went on to have the largest distillery in the country at the time of his death in 1799. After a long hiatus, we're proud to have released the first rye whiskey distilled and bottled in the District since Prohibition and to bring this signature terroir back to our region.  We put our own spin on this classic spirit by using a large portion of malted rye in the mash bill, which helps this whiskey appeal to a wide range of drinkers.  It is smooth enough to sip neat or on the rocks, while being assertive enough to stand out in your favorite cocktail.

Crowd-pleasing rye whiskey that deserves another sip… and another.
— Peggy Noe Stevens, American Whiskey Magazine

District Made Rye Whiskey is defined by its dark, toasted and honeyed notes from malted rye that persist throughout the flavor. Sweeter hints of honey, rock candy, and cherry cola are balanced by a bold spiciness of cinnamon.




750 ML | 47.5% ABV


Sometimes the right ingredient makes all the difference.  In a world seemingly always looking for the next culinary trend, our bourbon looks to an ingredient from the past, namely Hickory King Corn. Developed in the 1880s in the hollows of Virginia, the large white kernels of Hickory King quickly became highly prized for grits and hominy and shortly thereafter for its highest calling: whiskey. District Made Bourbon is the first bourbon made from grain to glass in DC since Prohibition, and we strive to produce a bourbon worthy of that distinction.  Ours is a four-grain bourbon that deftly balances the sweetness typical of bourbon with a complexity derived from diverse secondary grains and malts.


A drier flavor profile than many bourbons, carrying a gentle, buttery sugar quality without the cloyingly sweet characteristics that have come to define bourbon.  Ours carries a bold kick of spice that’s sure to stand out in your favorite cocktail.