district made spirits



In 2016 we recognized the need for a cohesive, easily identified brand to span our standard portfolio. In an effort to create a fluid connection between the varying spirits, the packaging was redesigned and the District Made brand was born.

The bold, industrial District Made design is inspired by the distillery's sense of pride in Ivy City, it's neighborhood in northeast Washington. The new packaging features a custom octagonal glass bottle embossed with the distillery's logo and three stars on each side, referencing the DC flag. The octagonal shape pays homage to the distillery's namesake, Article One, Section Eight of the United States Constitution; the provision that called for a district to become the nation's capital.

A dark textured map showing the distillery's location in Ivy City provides the background of the label with "District Made" emblazoned across the top in an assertive font. A diamond cutout on the front label reveals a gold map of the District on the inside of the bottle. Prominently featured on the back label, the brand statement 'We are One Eight – We are District Made' signals a commitment to grain to glass spirits distilled and bottled entirely within the District.

"We're proud to live and work in Washington, DC so the mission of District Made is to feature local grains in our own recipes to create spirits that uniquely showcase flavors of the Mid-Atlantic region," says Co-founder and CEO Sandy Wood.

The District Made portfolio includes: District Made Straight Bourbon Whiskey, District Made Straight Rye Whiskey, District Made Vodka, District Made Gin and District Made Barrel Rested Gin. The new bottles will be found on shelves in DC markets in May and MD markets in June thanks to the partnership with Breakthru Beverage Group.


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