No distillation without experimentation! Introducing Untitled – creative small batch spirits from the team at One Eight Distilling. Untitled is a series designed for play and experimentation. From unique mash bills and seasonal releases to special finishes and limited-edition collaborations, Untitled spirits will be released periodically and sold exclusively through the distillery or in partnership with select bars and retailers.


52.5% alc. by vol

Our first release, Untitled Whiskey No. 1 is an eight year-old high-rye bourbon blended and finished for three months in a 30 year-old sherry cask here in Washington, D.C. Combining rich notes of maple, brown sugar, and the signature spicy rye finish of this New World bourbon with the distinctive qualities of an Old World Oloroso sherry, lending subtle layers of dried fruit, black cherry and walnut—a treasure to sip and savor!



42% alc. by vol

For Untitled Whiskey No. 4 we took our bourbon barrel used to age Vigilante Coffee's unroasted, green Sumatran beans and aged Tennessee sour mash whiskey in the barrel. The sweet, smoky maple of the whiskey was reborn with savory notes that are unlike anything you have tried before and that will keep your palate intrigued long after the dram goes down. 



57.7% alc. by vol

Untitled Whiskey No. 7 is our first cask strength release. Featuring a blend of whiskeys finished in Port and Cognac casks, No. 7 announces itself with aromas of candied fruit and a hint of fresh orange peel. The palate opens with hot buttery toffee and maple syrup proceeding to spiced fruits and oak and finishes with notes of chocolate mint.

Whiskey No. 10

44% alc. by vol

Best in Category  
Double Gold Medal Winner at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Untitled Whiskey No. 10 is a nine-year old high-rye bourbon that was rested in Cognac and Spanish Brandy casks and then blended and finished in barrels that had previously contained our own Rock Creek Rye whiskey.

Floral and honeyed on the nose, the first sip of this whiskey is a bold medley of sweet candied orange and piquant ginger. Sun-ripened grapes settle on the mid-palate before ending in a succinct, spicy finish. This unique whiskey will keep you coming back to savor its many intriguing flavors.

UW10 Batch 2.png


53% alc. by vol

Presenting Untitled Whiskey No. 13, a 10-year old high rye bourbon rested in a combination of Cognac, Spanish brandy, Amontillado, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherries.

The nose on this whiskey is bright and fresh, reminiscent of expressed grapefruit peel and maple sap. The palate starts with candied orange peel before richer, fruitier notes of blackberry jam and maraschino cherries appear. The finish stays on the tongue long after swallowing with hints of chestnut honey and tiramisu.

One Eight Distilling_Untitled Whiskey 13.jpg

Untitled Whiskey No. 14

50% alc. by vol

Presenting UNTITLED - creative small batch spirits from the team at One Eight Distilling. For Untitled Whiskey No. 14,we rested a 6-year old wheated bourbon for an additional year in barrels previously used to mature red wine Bordeaux-style blends fromRdV Vineyardsin Delaplane, Virginia. The nose on this whiskey is loaded with summer berries, primarily strawberries and currants. Upon sipping, the first flavors that appear are spicy cinnamon candy and sweet orange, which proceed into the bright acidity of rose wine and the richness of raw honey. The finish lingers with hints of plum and toffee.



46% alc. by vol

Our second release, Untitled Whiskey No. 2 is a Tennessee sour mash straight whiskey blended and finished in an Oloroso sherry cask here in Washington, D.C. This unusual whiskey combines the sweet tobacco, dark maple syrup, and smoky charcoal notes of a classic Tennessee whiskey with a gentle layer of dried apricots, walnuts, and Spanish oak from its time in the sherry cask. Salud!



47% alc. by vol

Untitled Whiskey No. 5 is our sourced Tennessee sour mash whiskey aged for four months in a Sandeman tawny port cask. Burnt sienna in color, this whiskey marries dried black fruits and musky port lees on the nose with luscious sweetness balanced by a light, smoky char and finishing with long notes of dark chocolate.



60% alc. by vol

Untitled Whiskey No. 8 is a nine-year old high rye bourbon finished in a Cognac cask. Our first private cask release, Untitled Whiskey No. 8 was selected and bottled exclusively for Bourbon Steak here in DC.



50% alc. by vol

Untitled Whiskey No. 11 is a blend of bourbons finished in a combination of Cognac, Ruby Port, and Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks.

Hands down our boldest expression to date, this whiskey has a nose full of candied orange peel with a hint of spring campfire. Flavors are reminiscent of a rum-raisin ice cream before spiced buttery coffee cake and hints of leather emerge, leading to a finish with chocolate-toffee candy and brandied cherries.

One Eight Distilling_Untitled Whiskey 11.jpg

Gin No.1

52% alc. by vol

Untitled Gin No. 1 is our first barrel aged gin. The piquant flavors of juniper and spicebush that herald our Ivy City Gin are tempered in oak, leading way to a more perfect union of sweetness and spice. Untitled Gin No. 1 was rested for 3-10 months in ex-bourbon barrels.


46% alc. by vol

Untitled Whiskey No. 3 and 4 are a unique local collaboration. We loaned freshly emptied bourbon barrels to Vigilante Coffee roasters.  For our second batch of No. 3, we refilled barrels that held roasted coffee beans with our sourced six year-old wheated bourbon, creating a smoky whiskey with notes of bittersweet chocolate and roasted coffee; the after-dinner drink has been redefined!



50% alc. by vol

Untitled Whiskey No. 6 is a nine year-old high-rye bourbon blended and finished in Cognac, Muscat, and Oloroso sherry casks here at the distillery. The nose hints of leather, French oak, vanilla and dried apricots. Opening with Cognac and spice forward rye on the palate, the bourbon gives way to sweeter notes of maple, raisins and blackberries.



43% alc. by vol

Untitled Whiskey No. 9 is a six year-old wheated bourbon blended and finished for 8 months in Limousin French oak Calvados casks. This is a bourbon that reads like a fruit forward Speyside Scotch. Months in Calvados casks impart a dry minerality, with toasted oak and crisp apple notes.


44% alc. by vol

For Untitled Whiskey No. 12, we furnished Harper Macaw chocolate makers with barrels to age cocoa nibs sourced from Vale do Juliana farm in Bahia, Brazil. We then refilled barrels with a 7-year old heated bourbon.

The nose is full of dark plum, raisin and toasted cinnamon and star anise. The palate starts with creamy butterscotch and sharp crystallized ginger before decadent flavors of spiked cocoa and dark cherry syrup develop. The finish brings earthy notes of tobacco, slate and bitter chocolate.

One Eight Distilling_Untitled Whiskey 12.jpg

Gin No.2

51% alc. by vol

Untitled Gin No. 2 embraces the sweet warmth of oak while pushing bright tones of juniper and orange to the tip of your tongue. The savor of spicebush weaves together this complex unified spirit, which was rested in new American oak barrels and ex-bourbon barrels.

Gin No.3

51% alc. by vol

Untitled Gin No. 3 is a most unusual gin; featuring the same botanical blend as Untitled Gin No. 2, this gin was rested in a French Limousin Calvados cask for 10 months. Baking spice notes with a hint of oak marry harmoniously with crisp apple notes.

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