Ivy city Gin


750 ML | 40% ABV



Located in the Northeast quadrant of DC, the neighborhood of Ivy City is more than just our home, it is our inspiration.  When coming up with the recipe for our gin, we wanted to give a nod to the independent, entrepreneurial streak that has existed here since its early days as a hub of railroad activity and still continues to the vibrant businesses of today.  In this vein, Ivy City Gin bucks conventional run-of-the-mill flavors to produce a spirit that is complex, diverse, and just a little bit irreverent.  Made in the American Dry style, this gin has a more subtle essence of juniper, compared to a London Dry gin, and weaves together a balanced tapestry of nine other botanicals to craft a gin that is smooth and delicate and will have you reaching for it again and again.


The rye base of District Made Ivy City Gin provides it with a warm, full-bodied character.  Juniper is present as a hint of cedar throughout while American Spicebush and Grains of Paradise provide a spiciness that delights the tongue.

DM AR Ivy City Gin.png